time remaining:60.0

The boss left you in charge. Can you make the
right change and keep customers happy?

Choose store Music Clothing Pet

Good luck at the register!Press play to begin.


Shift One:


You have five customers to help before
you move on to the afternoon shift.

Start Shift

Shift Two:


The store just got busy. How many
customers can you take care of before
time runs off?

Start Shift

Shift Three:


Don't fall a sleep on the job-
there may be a shoplifter on the loose!

Start Shift

Customers were helped at the register today.

Received the proper change.

Received to much change.

Received not enough change.

Items were stolen from the store.

Thieves were caught.

Your drawer total was
The total should have been
You were off by
Start New Game

Hit the security button when you see a thief.

Give the correct
change by clicking on
the dollars and cents.
Instructions Play
Management Gripes 0 Thieves Caught 0
Customer Complaints 0 Customers Served 0
0 Your Drawer
Customer pays 0 Price of item 0