Cones10 for $1.2525 for $2.590 for $7.5140 for $12.5
Ice cream1 for $1.252.5 for $2.59 for $7.514 for $12.5
Toppings1 for $1.252.5 for $2.59 for $7.514 for $12.5

Amount per Serving

Ice cream
0.1 litres
0.1 grams
Servings: 0
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Liquid Money
Customer satisfaction
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Purchase ingredients and decide on the amount
of ice-cream and toppings you will put in each
cone. Also, pick the price for each cone. Skip Instructions
Amount of
Money you
have to spend.
The city you are in and
the day you are on.
You have 10 days in each city to earn
enough cash to move to the next city.
Your goal amount for Philadelphia is $25. Skip Instructions
Popularity is important. Your popularity
will determine how likely a customer
is to stop and purchase a cone.

Popularity is determined by amount of ingredients
in each cone and price. Raise your popularity to 5
for a guest appearance by a celebrity. Skip Instructions
The number of cones you will be able to sell
that day. It is important to make sure you have
enough servings before you start the day. Skip Instructions
Here you can keep track
of your current inventory
of items purchased. Skip Instructions
You will need cones,
ice cream and toppings.
Buy some by clicking
the proper buttons. Skip Instructions
Hint to have a
great first day. Skip Instructions
Undo if you make a mistake. Skip Instructions
Hint: Increase ice-cream to 0.4 liters
and toppings to 0.4 grams, notice your
servings change from 25 to 22. Skip Instructions
Price x Servings Sold = Cash you make.

Try raising your price to $1.25. Skip Instructions
When you are ready Start the Day. Skip Instructions
Reactions by customers
affects your popularity. Skip Instructions
Click to speed
up your day. Skip Instructions
Hey, you ran out of ice
creams and sold out! Skip Instructions
Two graphs to give you
feedback on your day. Skip Instructions
The top graph reports
the money you have at
the end of each day. Skip Instructions
The bottom graph
records your
popularity change. Skip Instructions
The Star tells you the
amount of money
needed to move to
the next city. Skip Instructions
When you
are ready
click Next
Tips give
you hints
for the next