6th Grade Math Tutorials

6th Grade Math Tutorials

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

A Ratio is a Relationship Between Two Quantities Expressed as a Fraction

Unit Rate

Find a Percent of a Quantity

Porportions are Equivalent Ratios

Division with Fractions and Check Correctness

Division with Fractions with a Visual Model to Show a Quotient

Divide Multi-Digit Numbers using the Standard Algorithm

Adding Multi-Digit Decimals

Subtracting Multi-Digit Decimals

Multiplying Multi-Digit Decimals

Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals


Number & Operations in Base Ten

Finding the Greatest Common Factor


Number & Operations - Fractions

Indicating Locations in Quadrants

Understanding Positive and Negative Integers in Real World Contexts

Locating Integers on a Horizontal Number Line

Locating Integers on a Vertical Number Line

Ordering Absolute Values of Rational Numbers

Finding Horizontal or Vertical Distance between Points in a Coordinate Plane

Finding the Horizontal Distance between Coordinate Points in a Real World Example


Measurement & Data

Finding the Vertical Distance between Coordinate Points in a Real World Example

Defining Coefficients as a Number Times a Variable

Commonly Used Mathematical Vocabulary with Examples

Finding the Number of Terms in an Expression

Translating English into Mathematical Expressions Part 2

Translating English into Mathematical Expressions

Writing Mathematical Expressions using Variables

Evaluating Expressions using Order of Operations with Examples

Evaluating Expressions using the Order of Operations

Generating Equivalent Expressions using Mathematical Properties

Using Substitution to Find if there is a Solution

Using Variables to Write Mathematical Expressions



Solving for One Variable in Equations and Check

Inequalities have Infinite Solutions