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Wheelie Bike Instructions
Welcome to the thrilling world of Wheelie Bike! Prepare to embark on an exhilarating online gaming experience where your dexterity and finesse will be put to the ultimate test. Your mission? To execute and sustain a jaw-dropping wheelie atop a bike for as long as your skills permit. This seemingly simple task will demand your utmost concentration and reflexes, as you'll need to strategically balance your bike's front wheel in the air. The initial pop of the wheelie is triggered by a mere click or tap, setting the stage for your epic feat of equilibrium. But don't think it ends there – the journey has just begun. As you strive to defy gravity, keep your eyes peeled for glimmering coins scattered along the road. Swiftly collect these coins by clicking or tapping on them. Each coin collected brings you one step closer to unlocking an array of exciting upgrades in the game's shop. With your growing coin stash, you'll have the power to unveil new vehicles, characters, levels, and even entirely different worlds. Remember, each vehicle and character might introduce unique nuances that will influence your wheelie mastery. Prepare to traverse through a medley of levels and worlds, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles. The game environment might throw uneven terrains, ramps, or unexpected hurdles your way, intensifying the thrill of maintaining that seemingly impossible wheelie. As you strive for your personal best, keep a vigilant eye on your bike's balance. A slight tilt in either direction could spell disaster, causing your bike to tumble back to the ground and marking the end of your daring wheelie endeavor. The exhilaration of the game lies not only in your individual achievement but in the potential to compete with other players. Many versions of the game feature leaderboards, where you can proudly showcase your top scores and engage in friendly rivalry with fellow gamers. When the inevitable happens, and your wheelie finally succumbs to gravity, you'll be presented with a choice: start anew, armed with newfound knowledge and skills, or gracefully exit to the main menu to strategize your next move. So, gear up, get clicking or tapping, and embark on an adventure that will challenge your control, finesse, and strategic prowess. In Wheelie Bike, the pursuit of the perfect wheelie is an adrenaline-pumping journey filled with coins, upgrades, and a hefty dose of virtual thrill.

Common Core State Standards
CCSS.Math.Practice.MP1 Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
CCSS.Math.Practice.MP8 Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.