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Moxie 2

Moxie 2 was an Adobe Flash game and is no longer playable on Hooda Math

Please choose one of our over 400 HTML5 games instead

Moxie 2 Instructions
Create words of 3 to 6 letters from a random assortment of 64 multi-valued letters to score points. For extra bonus points, you can try to form special "Moxie Words" based on various themes (animal, vegetable, or mineral) for the round, or you can play without Moxie Words for greater challenge. Moxie 2 has several new improvements over its predecessor. Along with a more streamlined, woodcut interface, the game now supports up to 6-letter words instead of 5, 64 letters per game, and has a useful undo feature. You can also see a list of what letters are still left before placing Moxie words, as well as the list of Moxie words themselves.
Moxie 2 Standards
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