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About Hooda Math, a free online math games site. Founded by a middle school math teacher, Hooda Math offers over 700 Math Games. Tweet This

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Escape Games are challenging and have a variety of puzzles, even including arithmetic problems. Every escape game is a puzzle itself, which makes learning adventurous. Papa's Games are so much fun no-one even notices that every game uses a different style of measurement for cooking timers. We especially like the pie fractions in Papa's Wingeria, notice how the food is evenly arranged on a plate for each customer. We could go on all day about each of our math games, but if you need more proof of math, read this Wiki article. Areas of Mathematics

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The idea of a teacher approved games page has long been requested. All that needs to be done, is a teacher registers for an account. Then when the teacher logs in at they can select which games they want to appear on their page. They are also given a code, that students can use to "log in" to the teacher's page. Register Here

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New Escape Games every Wednesday is back by popular demand. Today, January 30th 2019, we have added Find Sneaky Ski Cabin. Find all of our new escape games now on one page called New Escape Games. Also, we have recently begun our adventure into programming college math games with Calculus Game 1-1. We now have Printable Math Worksheets. We are going with a new look, actually our old look. We hope this makes is easier to find the math games you are looking to find. If not, Contact Us.

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